Grow Light 25W 75Leds IR UV Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Fitolampy Plant Grow Light 1000Lm 110V 220V Led Plant Grow Lights Panel

Grow Light 25W 75Leds IR UV Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Fitolampy Plant Grow Light 1000Lm 110V 220V Led Plant Grow Lights Panel
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1500w LED Grow Light
Suitable for plants vefetative and flower stage .
LED power: 1500W
LED Quantity: 5pcs x 300W
Actual Power consumption: energy saving, just consumes about 200W-250W power
Color :red, blue ,orange, white,IR and UV or customize as your request
Spectrum of Light: 410nm, 430~440nm, 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm,730nm, 3500K and 6000k
Surface Material: Anti-oxidation aluminum
Product dimension: 310*210*60mm
Net Weight: 2.6kg
Lighting angle of LED: 90/120degMixed or customize as your request
Voltage: AC85~265V
Lifespan: 50000hours


  • Much brighter and efficient than 3W and 5W LEDs,Low Energy Consumption.
    High Efficiency Optimized for PAR, Extremely Sufficient Lights Spectrum, Super Light Penetration
    Plants grow faster and flower bigger: Enhanced spectral output covering full PAR (410-730nm) promotes photosynthesis for Growth & Blooming
    Powerful Cooling fan system inside, Cool and Quieter
    Revolutionary Heat Aluminium PCB, Run 80% cooler than high intensity discharge (HID) lights
    Lighter weight: Much lighter than the same products in the marketplace, safer for hanging .
    Strong Hanging Kits are available for Easy Installation
  • Really Full Spectrun 400nm -840nm .Perfect spectrum simialr with sun light wit most red and blue color and also cover uv ir green yellow orange color, best spectrum for plant growth and flower .
  • Use new 5W 3030 full spectrum led chip , it is high lumens ,high efficient and high PPFD .super brightness than other led grow light and 3030 led chip is keep low temperature .
  • Perfect cooling system ,3 pcs cooling fans and built in big alunium heat sink . all heat air is bring out ,keep the lamp alwalys working at low temperature and long lifespan .
  • High Efficiency: 1000W/1500W/2000W HPS Replace .perfect for a 4x4height.
  • BEST SERVICE- We are a professional LED light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 2 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with completely satisfing reply.



  • Suggested Continuous Working Time: 10 - 16 hours per day
  • Recommended Height to Plant: 0.5-1.5m according to different growing stages
  • Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture.
  • The working environment for the light is -20~40Degrees,45%RH~90%RH.
  • To protect the light, Pls cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.
  • Donrsquot touch or move when the light working.


Packing list:


1X 1500w LED Grow Light

1X Free LED Grow Light Hanger

1X Free Power Cord


Lighting Tips:

Recommended Height Above Plants:
Seeding:24 inches above plants Germination: 24-30 inches above plants
Veg:18-24 inches above plants Flower:14-20 inches above plants
Recommended Lighting Time:
Ver:18h/6h (on/off) Flower&fruit: 12h/12h ( on/off)

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Buyer need to know:

Dear friends, the pictures are taken in real pictures, the data is real.


Lux , PAR And Coverage Area:

LED lights require new thinking about the way we measure light for use by plants. The typical rating most growers are familiar with is the ldquolumen.rdquo The definition of the lumen is the total light produced within the range of the human visual response. It tells us nothing about the distribution of that light energy over the spectrum, and most importantly, it doesnrsquot tell us how much is useful for plants.
Plant biologists define light in the 400nm to 700nm spectral region as ldquophotosynthetically available radiation,rdquo or PAR. The unit for measuring PAR, micro-mols per second (mumol/s), indicates how many photons in this spectral range fall on the plant each second. Inexpensive PAR meters use sensors that respond over the entire 400-700nm spectrum, and have their own sensitivity curves that require different calibration for sunlight, fluorescent and HID lighting.
All these systems are too broadly responsive to measure an LEDrsquos narrow emission spectrum. They make HID light seem brighter by over-measuring yellow-green light, and make LED light seem dimmer by under-measuring red and blue light.To properly measure the amount of energy present for photosynthesis we must use a spectroradiometer. This instrument measures energy in watts at each specific wavelength over a range of wavelengths. A spectroradiometer can provide a direct comparison of each lamprsquos ability to produce light that plants can use for photosynthesis. Spectroradiometers are expensive instruments, not usually found outside laboratories. (A more common instrument called a spectrometer can show relative light output over a spectral range, but does not measure energy in watts.)



About Question and answer


1:Why is red light important for plants?Why is blue light important for plants?

Red light is very important to plant reproduction. Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red

portions of the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation,

dormancy, flowering and fruit productio

Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong

stems and compact vegetative growth.

2:What kind of plant you can grow with our LED Grow Lights?

All kinds of flower plants:Special indoor plants,tomatoes,chillis,eggplant.rose etc.

All kinds of greens:herbs and leafy vegetables,lettuces,bok choy,etc.

Also suitable for indoor garden or indoor potted landscape(Most of our customers grow Indoor plants,tomatoes or lettuces etc,they got amazing harvest with our LED Grow Lights)


3:Which stage this led grow light can be used on plants?

It can provide all the light that Plants needs to grow and flower,to help plant grow quicker an better, increase yield.

We have tested the light on our own plants with great success.


4:I live in Europe/America,will this light work here?

Yes,because the voltage is AC85V-265V. 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V all is ok


5:If one LED broken, will it affect working of other LEDs?

No! It wont affect other LEDs, the others are still work. Our design is that every led has a protective diode, It is very safe.

Zener diode protector for each Led. Even one Led out,the other Leds will still keep working.


6:Why this led grow light I got have a few dark chips?

Yes,UV IR likes dark and deep,that is normal.they are important for your plant...

It is hard to see the lights of the IR led clearly by eyes.Please don\'t think it is not working.

Instead, it plays an very important role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants.





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4.We accept DHL UPS EMS and other Express, if you need change delivery way, please contact with me.

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