20000GS EAS Super Golf Detacher Magnet Remover Unlock Tag Detacher Quita Alarmas Anti theft Clothes Key eas Tag Remover

20000GS EAS Super Golf Detacher Magnet Remover Unlock Tag Detacher Quita Alarmas Anti theft Clothes Key eas Tag Remover
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Oписание продукта

Rechargeable Plasma Pen with LED Spotlight


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Brief Introduction

Featuring carbon-ionization technology. this mole removal pen can safely effectively and bloodlessly remove moles and freckles, all without uncomfortable feeling of electric shock.

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Operation Guideline


1. Coarse needle (for repeated use): For larger moles freckles warts etc. This more robust powerful

needle can remove blemishes quickly.


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2. Fine Needle (one-time use): For relatively small moles, freckles and other blemishes. The fine

needle is better for detail work and is less painful to use. 

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1. Before using, please disinfect the needle and the target area of skin with an alcohol pad.

2. For sensitive individuals when using higher powers, numbing cream (not included) can be applied to the target area before removing blemishes.
3. Before removing your first mole or freckle it is advised to practice for a short time on less sensitive area in order to familiarize yourself with the pen’s functions, as well as with the sensation during use.
4. Choose Strength Level:
A. For smaller freckles and moles. it is recommended to use a strength setting lower than level 3.
B. For larger blemishes, a strength level above 3 may be necessary.
5. The key to using this pen is to lightly touch each spot, only touching the top layer of the skin.
6. It is recommended to gently sweep back and forth across the blemish. For deeper moles tilt the pen body and use a lower strength at for multiple applications
Do not pierce the skin with the needle and do not linger too long on one blemish.
Cautions after using:

1. Patience is crucial.


2. For small to medium sized blemishes after one week a scab will have formed over the treated areaafter about 2 weeks the scab should go off

naturally and all trace of the blemish will be gone.


3. For larger moles and freckles healing may take longer, but the effect will be seen soon. Any remaining discoloration means that the pigment is

deeper in the skin. In his case, the area can be treated again, but make sure to wait until the first treatment has healed completely.


4. During the healing period, keep exposure to the sun at the minimum.


5. As always, taking care of your general health (drinking plenty of water, eating more vegetables citrus fruits and nuts) will contribute a speedy recovery.


6. Eating ginger, beef and soy sauce is not recommended during the recovery period.


7. Don\'t drink wine or take aspirin (or sirnilar drugs) within 1 week after blemish treatment.


8. Strenuous exercise that causes excessive sweating should be avoided within 1 week of mole/ freckle removal.


9. Application of some sort of healing cream can further aid recovery.

Product Picture

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