HXM 7pcs Floor stickers DIY Self adhesive Wall Tile Stickers Wood Grain Frosted Film Wallpaper Kitchen Living Room Decor #6

HXM 7pcs Floor stickers DIY Self adhesive Wall Tile Stickers Wood Grain Frosted Film Wallpaper Kitchen Living Room Decor #6
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Oписание продукта


Safe and environmental protection,light-transmitting but opaque.
Fuzzy effect,waterproof , 99% UV proof,heat insulation,block 80% of solar radiation,prevent indoor furniture aging.
Beautify the environment,can be used instead of the curtainand increase indoor atmosphere.
Paste simple,waterproof,can swab,not leaving marks on the glass after remove.
Ideal for home decoration.



Surface material:0.1mm PVC
Size: 1.22mx40m (Approx 48inx131ft)
Color:as the picture shows


How to stick it:
Clean the window, and measure the size, then get the size you need.
Spray water on the window, then put the sticker on the window.
Use blade to remove water and bubble, and trim it.


Special precautions:
• Handle glass film to be very careful, once off the mark, and some cases may need to be replaced.
• The best two larger windows installed. (See the steps 3 and 5)
• Be careful in the removal of the lining membrane, window film can not flip to the base film. Because there is glue it will stick together, it is difficult to pull. Sufficient water to the glass film layer can help you solve the problem! Turn off the fan, to minimize dust. Otherwise gather dust under the membrane, prone to bubbles.

The basic steps:
1. Measure the window size: take the maximum size
2. Clean the window: water (add 3-5 drops foil Po) to the window you want on film. Then thoroughly clean the window glass cutter to remove any dirt glass, plastic and so on. Note that cleaning small corner. Then water (plus appropriate foil treasure water) to the glazing surface, then wipe down. Scraped the dirt surface of the glass.
3. cut the film: on a clean, flat cut local film. Cut the size of the window film is generally larger than 1-3 cm.
4. thoroughly wet the window: full water (plus appropriate foil treasure water) to the surface of the pane until drops of water ran down.
5. Place the lining membrane is removed: the lining membrane and the basement membrane to attach the two top corners of each piece of transparent tape, transparent tape and then separate the film begins points. When you release liner film, and sufficiently water (plus an appropriate foil treasure water) to expose the adhesive side of the base film, which spray can reduce static electricity and helps glass film separation process easier.

Note: oversize liner film to be removed preferably two or more people. Your helper will be perpendicular to the ground glass film. You will separate the liner film corner completely separated along the top edge, and then stripped down from the down, after complete removal of the lining film, sufficient water to the film side (note that the case of the glass surface of the water and dried, it is necessary to be able to water again to the glass surface).

6. foil to the window: To ensure that the surface wet glazing, glass foil wet adhesive on one face of the glass. From the top of the window on the bit, and then let the glass film gently stick to the glass. Handle glass foil corners to avoid wrinkles or creases.
7. Carefully scrape the film: Spray (plus appropriate foil treasure water) the entire surface of the lubricating film. Gently wipe from the top to the side, and then start from left to right wiper.

Helpful hints: After installing a small glass foil blisters. You can advance the blade (the best mass scraping mouth soft cloth to avoid scratching the film) to the nearest edge to get rid of window film. Generally small blisters with dry film will disappear within a few days.

8. Trim the film side: Use a sharp utility knife to trim the four edges of the window film perimeter.
9. Finally scratch again: this time, it is difficult to imagine an invisible dividing line, from top to bottom of the window. At the top of the window begins, the scraper from the center to the left, then the reverse. Repeat this procedure.
Fully dry: dry, sunny weather curing speed 4-8 days, wet, cold weather to extend it. (Non-safety film)
During drying, the glass may be seen hazy film begins, (with water vapor between the film and the glass is dry). This situation will gradually disappear over time.
Window film Cleaning Tips: In the same clean water to wash, do not use ammonia, newspapers, or brush.



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