External DVD ROM USB 3.0 CD DVD Rewriter Burner Reader for Laptop PC MAC Mobile Recorder Computer/Office Accessory

External DVD ROM USB 3.0 CD DVD Rewriter Burner Reader for Laptop PC MAC Mobile Recorder Computer/Office Accessory
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Aluminum Quick Charging USB 3.0 HUB USB Hub Splitter for PC Computer Laptop Notebook Peripherals Accessories High Quality Speed


1. Description
* 7 Ports USB Hub
* Build-in LED Light
* Customized Laser Engraved LOGO

*  Description: Portable USB3.0 HUB

*  Material: ALuminum

*  Color:Silver

*  Size:161*76*27 mm

*  Accessories: Warrantee card.

*  No drives needed for:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/MAC OS 

*  Certificate: CE/FCC
*  Input Interface: High-speed USB 3.0.
*  compatible with: WINDOW 98,WINDOW SE,WINDOW ME,WINDOW 2000,WINDOW 2003
*  Equipped with LED indicator.

3.Key Feature:
 * Professional factory for card reader
 * Logo printing and OEM service available
 * Fashion appearance and various of colors for choose
 * Good compatiblity,stability and highly transmission speed.



Item will be sent in the next working day after you finish the payment.

The delivery time from China to South America will be :90 days





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Item will be sent in the next working day after you finish the payment

The delivery time from China to South America will be :90 days