P300 P600 LED grow light 300W dual mode veg& bloom full spectrum uv ir optical lens hydroponics indoor garden grow tent system

P300 P600 LED grow light 300W dual mode veg& bloom full spectrum uv ir optical lens hydroponics indoor garden grow tent system
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     We have made vast improvements to the way LEDs are designed and their overall effectiveness with our latest G3 PRO SERIES grow lights. We now only use COB LED sets with magnifying lenses which allow the concentration of the LED beam angle to intensify greatly, while enabling us to control the beam angle for greater penetration, intensity, and coverage area. We have also cut noise levels in half by using newer fans all while cutting temperatures back by over 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Our two by two design structure is something you will only get with our G3pro series which allows for the greatest light coverage and intensity, allowing you to add as many lights to your grow room by simply stacking them side by side.


what is the COB led mean?

COB LED that chip On board, the bare chip is a conductive or non-conductive adhesive attached to the interconnect substrate, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection , COB LED called COB LED source, COB LED module.


- Size: 560*300*H70mm
- Manufacturer: COB LED
- Model: G3 PRO SERIES 50-8
- Coverage Area: 3 x 3 
- LED Chipset: 50W COB LEDS
- Power Consumption: 400W
- Rated Hours: 50,000
- Bands: 6 Band
- Red: 630- 660nm
- Blue: 450-465nm
-White 3000-3500k/6000-6500K/green 525nm (The logo light)
- Worldwide Voltage: 85v-265v
- Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU)
- Warranty: 24 months All Inclusive


Led wavelength test report

Lens System-  
Because of the high intensity of our G3 Pro series of grow lights, they are recommended only for growers who know and understand their plants well. Because of the new LED lens technology which increases light penetration substantially, plants have shown to produce a much higher level of resin during the fruiting/flowering stage. 
Our patented lens technology allows us to control the beam angle to a much greater accuracy
 which in return allows the grow light to cover a much larger area than previous models of similar wattage. 
New Modular Design- 
The new modular design keeps the the majority of the LEDs operating even if one module stops working by isolating the bad module. Each one leds work with the Independent led driver supply.
Any potential repairs can be made much easier and faster by simply switching out the bad LED module for a good one.
 We can also easily upgrade your light in the future to newer models by simply switching out the old modules for improved models.
New Ventilation Design-  
New segregated heat Aluminum basic, stronger brush-less fans, and open air case design keep the unit running over 30F cooler than previous design all while producing less noise than any previous grow light models. Noise was a problem with the older lines of LED grow lights but we have solved that problem by isolating the power and LED modules so that the heat output is not multiplied by each module. 
A large heat-aluminum basic has been installed on each power module along with one double ball bearing ultra silent brush-less fan per two modules.
  We have also opened the ventilation holes on both sides of the case to allow much greater airflow between the electrical components of the light and the heat-aluminum which extends the life of the unit and allows temperatures to stay low which is the main advantage of using LEDs over traditional HID lights.

G3 Pro Series vs Old series-
Simply put, our G3 Pro series grow lights put out 20%-30% as much light (PAR) as the older series of grow lights and use nearly the same amount of power. 
There is no LED light on the market that comes close to our G3 Pro series grow lights in light output (PAR), heat dissipation, and power usage.
  Our price is also unbeatable. Our lights are built and designed by personnel. We are constantly working on improving our grow lights as technology gets better which is occurring at an exponential rate. 
With each new grow light series released, overall efficiency and effectiveness is more than tripled. With our new modular design you dont have to worry about your lights becoming outdated as we can either send you newer modules or install them for you for a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy new lights.
Coverage Area- 
During the vegetative stage of plant growth, plants do not require the same intensity of light as they do during the flowering stage. 
The G3 Pro series can be mounted several feet above plants in the vegetative stage and can cover a surprisingly large area with excellent penetration into the canopy.
 Our G3 Pro series works extremely well for both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth, and are also ideal for mother plants. For seedlings and clones, it is best to back the light off several feet due to the sensitivity of the plants during these stages. During the heavy flowering stage, it is best to move the light within 1.0"-3.0" Meter of the top of the plant for best penetration and coverage. It is important to closely monitor your plants for any potential bleaching which occurs when the lights are lowered within 3" or less of the canopy. 
Bleaching occurs when the light is too intense for the plant to be able to absorb all of the available light, and is specific to certain strains. Generally plants native to equatorial areas can sustain a greater intensity of light over plants native to the northern or southern hemispheres. It is difficult to estimate the exact coverage areas for any LED grow light due to several factors including number of plants, height of plants, growth stage, strain type, and container size. We provide a general estimate of coverage area only.
With the lens the angle will be 75 degree, without the lens the angle will be 120 degree.

One of the main improvements made to the G3 Pro series is reliability. The older lights were very unreliable in that the LED diodes would get burnt out and cause entire rows of diodes to go out. This made it so the customer would have to ship the light back to us, and we would have to ship a brand new light to them, thus increasing the overall cost of the light while jeopardizing the the crop of the customer. With the G3 Pro series, if a diode happens to go out for whatever reason, it is isolated to that specific module and does not spread to the other sections of the light. There is no need for the customer to pay expensive shipping costs to get their light fixed, we simply mail a replacement module to you which can then be swapped out in 10 min or less. The module design also allows us to easily upgrade your light when the technology gets better in years to come.





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     Q: What is this difference between your 6bands and other companies\' ,and why are you using these bands?        
     A: For over 4 years, our factory has refined the wavelengths of our LED grow light--6 band ,that means  430~440nm,450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm , we research and find that , Red colour helpful for flowering stage , blue color is working on leaves growth stage . 6 band spectrum is perfect for flowering. This light also will work for VEG. The light spectrum used in our LED grow contains the most efficient and proven wavelengths for Growth&flowering.
   Q: How does this light compare with HID/HPS lighting performance?
     A: LED lights cost more money up front, but you save about 50%on the electrical consumption of the light, cooling costs (very expensive in the summer) and annual bulb replacement.  Follow the guidelines for recommended coverage area, and your LEDs will impress you with their yield. The much reduced heat output of LEDs when compared with HPS/MH bulbs also substantially reduces the risk of a fire hazard, especially in an enclosed space.
Our led grow light mainly are red and blue spectrum ,these two spectrum are the peak of plants absorption
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