Power Amplifier Board TDA7850 50W*4 Switchable Channel Super Power Audio Aamplifier Board For Car DC 12V XH M180 G1 011

Power Amplifier Board TDA7850 50W*4 Switchable Channel Super Power Audio Aamplifier Board For Car DC 12V XH M180 G1 011
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Oписание продукта

TDA7850Automotive power amplifier board with ACC function control (sound quality enhancement version)

TDA7850It is ST company\'s high quality Hi-Fi car audio amplifier IC, using a single power supply 12V-14.4V power supply, MOSFET amplification output, 4x 50W HiFi power amplifier, small distortion, low noise, strong anti-interference ability, with output short circuit and temperature protection, especially in the power consumption performance is particularly prominent, low power consumption, stable operation, excellent sound quality. Best choice for car audio upgrade and DIY 4 channel amplifier. 

HIFIIdeal design, can be used for multi-channel production, with good noise reduction chip BA3121, effectively eliminating the total ground noise, TDA7850 and BA3121 can be regarded as a pair. With this piece of TDA7850, there\'s no need to bother installing another noise reduction circuit! This is a valuable design!

 The relevant parameters are as follows:

High output power capability:

4 x 50W/4Omega max. (high power /4 Europe horn load)

4 x 30W/4Omega 14.4V, 1KHz, (10% distortion power /14V voltage measurement, 1KHz signal /4 Europe horn load)

4 x 80W/2Omega max. (high power /2 Europe horn load)

4 x 55W/2Omega 14.4V, 1KHz, (10% distortion power /14V voltage measurement, 1KHz signal /2 Europe horn load)



Vehicle mounted computer,MP3、GPSMobile phone,CD。 



The board also adds an ACC control interface, at any time to control the working state of the power amplifier, do not worry about the power amplifier will always work. 

 Plate size:long65mmwidth50mmhigh46mm




Dtype                    Ftype



Atype、FtypeFor the two channel input, four channel output.FitVehicle mounted computer,MP3、MP4、GPSMobile phone,Radio and other audio-visual equipment, as long as the input of two channels can achieve four channel output. Let the car audio and video equipment easily connect, enjoy the music at any time, and move the notes along the way.


Btype、Dtype:For four channel input, four channel output, each channel is independent.FitSome sound sources are applied to four channel devices.


Ctype:For four channel input, four channel output, each channel is independent.FitDIYEnthusiasts, upgrading CD power amplifier, head power amplifier and other modifications.。。(Ctype)



The signal used in the board is low level audio signal, that is, the audio signal that has not been amplified by power amplifier.


UpgradeCDThe head of the machine,DVDWhen you are waiting for navigation equipment, you can not output audio output that has been amplified by power amplifier.TDA7850Power amplifier (that is, the original car can not connect to the speaker line audio), this is amplified by a strong signal, otherwise there will be noise. The amplified audio signal must be amplified and the small audio signal in front of the power amplifier should be disconnected.


ACCIntroduction to functional control

The power amplifier board (ST-BY) is the ACC control terminal, and the ACC control signal controls the operation and standby state of the power amplifier.

Standby current is about 12 Ma, and basically does not charge electricity. The function of the power amplifier board is delayed by 3 seconds when the ACC is turned on.Shock sound

Boot sequence, DVD boot to power amplifier boot is correct.

It is found that most of the navigation systems are Android-based, booting is generally slower than the conventional machine, at this time the power amplifier may be delayed] 3 seconds slow boot time is not enough, the main engine boot too slowly suggested power amplifier board ACC control terminal and the original car power amplifier module silent terminal (power amplifier module).MUTE)Link.


The ACC principle: when the ACC key is controlled for the vehicle key control, the ACC line connects to the positive +12V on the vehicle. The device controlled by the ACC gear starts to turn on and turn on.

The function of ST BY (ACC control) is default.high。(high+5V+12V)


If you don\'t want to use (ST-BY) ACC port friends, just connect to the ACC port + 12V voltage, that is, the power supply cathode interface to lap over, the board for the boot state.


Reserved for this board.LEDThe installation position of the power indicator lamp needs to be installed.LDEPlease indicate that the power indicator needs to be charged.2The material cost and cost of the yuan. Since the board is made in batches, it needs additional installation.

Power amplifier boardThe radiator must be installed before it can be used.Power board to find aInstall the radiator and PCB board in the right place, but pay attention to fixing the radiator and PCB board to avoid the power amplifier board and radiator shaking.


Proposed collocation

Vehicular specialBBETone boardUse together,highhighAnalytical force enhancement,Bass betterThe effect is more obvious.