0201 0402 0603 0805 0402 SMD chip capacitor combination kit 0.5 ~ 10 uf pF capacitor sample book all capacitor sales

0201 0402 0603 0805 0402 SMD chip capacitor combination kit 0.5 ~ 10 uf pF capacitor sample book all capacitor sales
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0402 muRata SMD Capaticor 94values*50pcs=4700pcs 0.5pF to 1uF



No. ValueDescription Part No.
1 0.5pF ±0.1pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1HR50CA01D
2 0.75pF ±0.1pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1HR75CA01D
31pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R0CA01D
4 1.2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R2CA01D
5 1.3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R3CA01D
6 1.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R5CA01D
7 1.6pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R6CA01D
8 1.8pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H1R8CA01D
92pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R0CA01D
10 2.2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R2CA01D
11 2.4pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R4CA01D
12 2.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R5CA01D
13 2.7pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H2R7CA01D
143pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R0CA01D
15 3.3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R3CA01D
16 3.6pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R6CA01D
17 3.9pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H3R9CA01D
184pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R0CA01D
19 4.3pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R3CA01D
20 4.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R5CA01D
21 4.7pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H4R7CA01D
225pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H5R0CA01D
23 5.1pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H5R1CA01D
24 5.6pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H5R6CA01D
256pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H6R0CA01D
26 6.8pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H6R8CA01D
277pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H7R0CA01D
28 7.5pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H7R5CA01D
298pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H8R0CA01D
30 8.2pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H8R2CA01D
319pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H9R0CA01D
32 9.1pF ±0.25pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H9R1CA01D
3310pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H100JA01D
3411pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H110JA01D
3512pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H120JA01D
3613pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H130JA01D
3715pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H150JA01D
3816pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H160JA01D
3918pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H180JA01D
4020pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H200JA01D
4122pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H220JA01D
4224pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H240JA01D
4327pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H270JA01D
4430pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H300JA01D
4533pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H330JA01D
4639pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H390JA01D
4743pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H430JA01D
4847pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H470JA01D
4956pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H560JA01D
5068pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H680JA01D
5175pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H750JA01D
5282pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H820JA01D
53100pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H101JA01D
54100pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H101JA01D
55110pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H111JA01D
56120pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H121JA01D
57150pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H151JA01D
58160pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H161JA01D
59180pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H181JA01D
60220pF ±5pF 50V C0G GRM1555C1H221JA01D
61270pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H271KA01D
62330pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H331KA01D
63390pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H391KA01D
64470pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H471KA01D
65560pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H561KA01D
66680pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H681KA01D
67820pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H821KA01D
68910pF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H911KA01D
691nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H102KA01D
701nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H102KA01D
71 1.2nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H122KA01D
72 1.5nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H152KA01D
73 1.8nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H182KA01D
74 2.2nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H222KA01D
75 2.7nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H272KA01D
76 3.3nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H332KA01D
77 3.9nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H392KA01D
78 4.7nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H472KA01D
79 6.8nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H682KA01D
80 8.2nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H822KA01D
8110nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H103KA01D
8210nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H103KA01D
8312nF ±10pF 50V X7R GRM155R71H123KA01D
8415nF ±10pF 25V X7R GRM155R71E153KA01D
8522nF ±10pF 25V X7R GRM155R71E223KA01D
8633nF ±10pF 25V X7R GRM155R71E333KA01D
8747nF ±10pF 16V X7R GRM155R71C473KA01D
8868nF ±10pF 16V X7R GRM155R71C683KA01D
8982nF ±10pF 16V X7R GRM155R71C823KA01D
90100nF ±10pF 16V X7R GRM155R71C104KA01D
91100nF ±10pF 16V X7R GRM155R71C104KA01D
92220nF ±10pF 10V X5R GRM155R61A224KE19D
93470nF ±10pF 10V X5R GRM155R61A474KE15D
941uF ±10pF 10V X5R GRM155R61A105KE15D


0402 capacitor book


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