Ultra high definition small pixel pitch P1.667 indoor full color video led display screen for advertising meeting,stage,malls

Ultra high definition small pixel pitch P1.667 indoor full color video led display screen for advertising meeting,stage,malls
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Oписание продукта

VDWALL LVP8601 HD Multi-Windows Sync Stitcher LED Video Processor,Professional Processor for Small Pixel Pitch LED Screen


1. An all-in-one processor integrating mix matrix switchingpixel-to-pixel sync mosaic and multi-display
2. Inputs: HD+SDanalog+digital, totally 16 inputs including: CVBS x 4, VGA x 4, DVI x 4, SDI / HD-SDI x 4
3. Outputs: 8 DVI FULL HD digital outputs, each with maximal resolution up to 1920 x [email protected]
4. Synchronous mosaic technology: to realize mosaic processing of ultra HD video displayed by multi-display 
        graphics card
 or networking player
5. Supports zoom mosaic or pixel-to-pixel mosaic, single unit can maximumly support horizontal 15360 pixels 
        or vertical 8640 lines
6. 4-picture preview output
7. 4K2K ultra high-definition dynamic background picture 
8. Adopting crosspoint high bandwith and high daterate transmission technology 
9. State-of-the-art motion adaptive de-interlacing technology: to eliminate trailing or jaggies of motion pictures
10. Seamless switching or fade-in / fade-out switching between any two input signals
11. Image and text overlap supported,  AIAO ( Any In Any Out ) allows for displaying any captured picture in 
          any specific area on screen 
12. Multiple pre-saved modes supported, Seamless switching or fade-in / fade-out switching between different 
13. Convenient panel / RS232 / USB / LAN control and setup


●   Feature one : Centralized control of multiple display

LVP8601 1
●   Feature two : Multi-display supported and pre-saved multiple user-defined display modes, 
     press one key to randomly select a mode
LVP8601 2


Quantity / Type

4 x Video
4 x DVI(VESA / CEA-861)
4 x SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI

Video System


Composite video
Amplutide Impedance

1V(p_p)/ 75Ω

VGA Format


≤1920 x [email protected]

VGA Amplutide Impedance

R、G、B = 0.7 V(p_p)/ 75Ω

DVI Format


≤1920 x [email protected]


3G-SDI  Format


480i @60Hz
576i @50Hz

Input connectors

VGA:15pin D_Sub( female )
DVI:24+1 DVI_D


Quantity / Type

8 x DVI

Preview Output

1×DVI(Out-K or Out-L)

DVI Format

1024×[email protected]
1280×[email protected]
1920×[email protected] / 60Hz

Output connectors

DVI:24+1 DVI_D



RS232 / USB / LAN

Input Voltage

100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz



Environment temperature

0-45 ℃

Environment Humidity



482.6( Length ) x 300 ( Width ) x 89 ( Height )mm

Gross weight


Net weight


Note : This product LVP8601 have several different configure versions. You need to use different configurations according to the customer\'s input and output signal requirements and led display size. If you have any questions, please feel free contact us.Thanks!
lvp8601 configure list



       Large venus display applications such as: Rental Performance, TV broadcast center, large-scale stage and 

theatre, high-end meeting, exhibition etc.


●  LVP8601 connection diagram

LVP8601 3


Rental, staging, TV studio center, theater, large meeting, exhibition, multi-display, ultra-large LED display, small-pitch LED display, mixed LED displays (of different pitches) and so on. 

Application 1: one pixel-to-pixel ultra HD background pictureand multiple roaming and windowed pictures

LED screen: 3360 (px) × 1056 (px);

It is able to display a pixel-to-pixel ultra HD dynamic picture from 2 DVI outputs of a multi-display graphics card on the LED screen;

It is able to display 3 roaming and windowed pictures which can be sized, overlapped or tiled on the LED screen;

The LVP8601 video processor will be controlled manually.

1.Field conditions:

1)The screen will be divided into two parts: LED1= 1536 × 1056; LED2= 1824 × 1056;

2)One LVP8601 will be used to combine those two screens into a complete one pixel-to-pixel.


2.System diagram:

The system chart for this application is as follows:

lvp8601 small pixel pitch video processor-1


3.Display effects:

1)One pixel-to-pixel ultra HD background picture plus multiple roaming and windowed pictures.

2)Multiple prestored display modes and fast switching among the modes.


Application 2: mix matrix switching among multiple analog and digital signals; centralized control of multiple displays by one LVP8601.


LVP8601 can maximally support inputs including 4 × Video, 4 × VGA, 4 × DVI/HDMI, 4 × SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI and 8 DVI outputs. The output resolution from each DVI output can be set independently and each DVI output can select any signal as its input source.

4 independent LED screens can display a same signal and the signal switching effect is seamless or fade-in/fade-out.

Each screen can display a different signal through seamless switching.


1.Field conditions:

1)The size of each screen is:

LED1 = 1824 × 1056, LED2 = 1728 × 1056, LED3 = 1632 × 1056, LED4 = 1536 × 1056;

2)Input signals include: 1 × DVI (PC), 1 × VGA (Notebook), 1 × Video (Camera) and 1 × HDMI (DVD);


2.System diagram:

The system chart of this application is as follows:

lvp8601 small pixel pitch video processor-2

3.Display modes:

lvp8601 small pixel pitch video processor-3

4.Display effects:

1)One LVP8601 can have centralized control of 4 LED screens of different resolutions.

2)Each screen can also be controlled independently.

3)Multiple prestored display modes and fast switching among the modes.







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Note : If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave

a message to me. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks